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Planets perlis kedah Pulau Pinang Perak Selangor Kelantan Terengganu Pahang Kuala Lumpur NSembilan Melaka Johor Sabah Sarawak


Prior to the auction sale, prospective buyers are advised to check and identify the address of the Property, obtain confirmation from the Developer / Landlord and / or the relevant Authority whether the determination of the details of the Property is correct, make a formal title search, obtain a copy of the conditions -Sale conditions from the Auctioneer and seek advice from the Law. As of the date of the auction, permission (if appropriate) from the Developer / Owner and / or the relevant authority has not been obtained, however it is the responsibility and liability of the successful buyer to obtain permission / transfer (if appropriate) in respect of the auction from the Developer / The owner and / or the relevant authorities. Prospective Buyers are advised to make inquiries from the Developer and / or the relevant authorities, whether the strata / individual title of the property has been issued and / or whether the developer agrees to transfer directly or otherwise, whether or not the property is reserved for Bumiputera only and / or low / medium cost properties and whether or not the bidder is able and eligible to purchase the property, before making an offer. Properties reserved for Bumiputera only, or Bumiputera firms or corporations will be allowed to make the bid at the auction. For Non-Malaysian Citizens / Foreign Companies / Permanent Residents, Prospective Buyers must obtain permission to purchase from the relevant Authority prior to the auction. The Buyer is responsible for applying for permission to transfer from the Developer / Landlord or the relevant authority, if appropriate. LPPSA shall not be liable and / or liable for any loss and / or damage which may arise as a result of reliance on the information contained in this website or information provided by any employee and / or agent appointed under any circumstances and way though.